Evaluation of the IncoNet EaP project main activities and recommendations

 The main activities and recommendations of the IncoNet EaP project have been evaluated. Three evaluation reports have been prepared (for Climate Change, Energy and Health) presenting the main activities of the project. Moreover, three expert group meetings were organised with the purpose of providing recommendations for the future EU-EaP STI cooperation. Recommendations for specific topics in Climate Change, Energy and Health concentrate on means of cooperation in order to support future actions for the promotion of the EU-EaP STI cooperation.
The reports can be found below:

Monitoring of EU-EaP cooperation

 The IncoNet EaP project has developed a summary of activities monitoring the cooperation of Eastern Partnership Countries in STI in the 3 Societal Challenges – Climate Change, Energy and Health. The report explains the methodology used for monitoring, discusses the participation of EaP partners in multilateral and bilateral programmes, and also presents conclusions and recommendations, which could be essential in planning further cooperation activities.
Click here for the monitoring summary.

Assessment of the Pilot Calls for Twinning Proposals

 Based on the long-standing tradition of European instruments aimed at the development of capacity building processes, the IncoNet EaP project launched and successfully implemented the funding of “Twinning Grants”. The main goal was to enhance mutual learning, strengthen the scientific cooperation between the EU MS/AC and the EaP countries and to plant the seed for sustainable scientific and technological innovation in EU-EaP projects. Launched in May 2014 the call was open without interruption until November 2015, followed by a second targeted call for “Coached Twinning” from December until January 2016. A total of 15 projects were funded. A third call was launched in September 2016. Within this third call, ten additional projects have been funded.
The report can be found here.

Feasibility study for ERANETs targeting EaP region in Climate Change, Energy and Health

 The IncoNet EaP project provided a Feasibility Study to identify on-going and upcoming thematic COFUND ERANETs and JPIs of common interest between EaP and EU partners. It also aimed to facilitate the inclusion of research agencies from Eastern Partnership Countries in these ERANETs and JPIs that leads to the joint funding activities with EU MS/AC in the three selected Societal Challenges of the project: Climate Change, Energy and Health.
Further, a Workshop for the Participation of Non-EU Black Sea and Eastern Partnership Countries in Thematic COFUND, ERANETs & JPIs, co-organised by the Black Sea Horizon and the IncoNet EaP Project, took place on October 2016 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Feasibility Study is available here.

Analytical evidence of STI cooperation between the EU and EaP Countries

 The IncoNet EaP project has scrutinised co-publications involving EaP countries for the period 2003-2013. The analysis of the publication data was carried out along several dimensions: overall co-publication output numbers per country to provide an overview, the internationalisation of publications, main scientific research fields, and finally some highlights regarding scientific impact.
The report can be found here.

The IncoNet EaP project further developed a barometer for the cooperation in science and technology between EU-EaP countries especially regarding the “attitude towards STI cooperation”.
The barometer for collaboration can be found here.

Assessment of Innovation activities and recommendations for future actions

 The IncoNet EaP project has the aim to promote innovation in the EaP countries in order to create synergies between relevant stakeholders in the EU and EaP, and promote the uptake and exploitation of research results. The project has proposed a series of innovation actions. The report summarises the results of these innovation actions and presents a series of recommendations for future actions. The report can be found here.
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