Our new series of 4 webinars on Horizon 2020 is a unique opportunity to hear about new calls and rules for 2018-2020.

We invite all interested participants to join the upcoming series of 4 webinars on the new Work Programmes of Horizon 2020. Experts and National Contact Points will provide first-hand information on new calls, rules and how to find partners for calls in the following areas of Horizon 2020:

Background information

The goal of the webinars is to promote and enhance the participation of researchers from academia and industry from the Black Sea countries in Horizon 2020. Webinars are free of charge and designed and implemented by highly experienced consortium members, who either are professional NCPs or important national information multipliers. Webinars include polling and Q&A sessions to allow full participation between the audience and the presenters. Simultaneously, the speakers’ PowerPoint presentations are shown to the audience, recorded (together with voice), stored and made reusable for latter streaming. Each webinar last approximately 60 minutes. Target Countries: Black Sea Countries, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine. With these four webinars we are completing the series of 15 Black Sea Horizon project webinars implemented in 2015-2017 which provided information and good practices about Horizon 2020 in general and on specific calls launched thereunder in particular with potential for bi-regional cooperation.

Videos from our past webinars are available on the Black Sea Horizon Youtube Channel. Follow regularly our website and our Social Media Channels for updates.

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