Bilateral cooperation is based on the Cooperation Agreements signed by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova with different foundations, ministries, academies and other funding authorities from the foreign countries, where are stipulated the conditions of participation, scientific priorities and schedule of Calls launching.

Concursuri 2017

Concursuri 2016

Concursuri 2015

Calls 2014

Academia de Ştiinţe a Moldovei - Consiliul Naţional de Cercetare din Italia (ASM-CNCI) – results of evaluation - results

Academia de Ştiinţe a Moldovei - Fondul Republican pentru Cercetări Fundamentale din Belarus (FRCFB) – results of evaluationresults

Calls 2013

Academy of Sciences of Moldova - Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (ASM-STCU)- projects 2013-2014 and projects 2014-2015

Academy of Sciences of Moldova - National Agency for Science Issues, Innovation and Informatization of Ukraine AŞM-ANSIIU) - results

Calls 2012

Academy of Sciences of Moldova - Federal Ministry for Education and Research of Germany (ASM-BMBF) - results 

Academy of Sciences of Moldova - National Authority for Scientific Research of Romania (ASM-ANCS)  - results

Academy of Sciences of Moldova - Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research (ASM-BFBR)results

Academy of Sciences of Moldova - National Research Council of Italy (ASM-CNCI)results

Academy of Sciences of Moldova - National Center for Scientific Research of France  (ASM-CNRS)results

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